Dr Sarai Susann Stuart, CHT PhD ND
Naturopath Doc & Holistic Nutritionist
Arlington Grand Prairie Fort Worth


Minimum of 46,358,968,720 different body Types. Do you know your's? Rid Health ailments. Loss unwanted Fat and Inches. Discover the RICH approaches to a healthier you QUICKLY and Easily and Safely without chemicals.

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Besides diet changes and exercise, TWO of the MOST BENEFICIAL sources to LOSE WEIGHT without compromising your health--
FRESH PRESSED VEGETABLE JUICES provide you with live enzymes for stable long lasting ENERGY, Amino Acids for MENTAL CLARITY, abundant Minerals and Vitamins for HEALING and IMPROVING Healthy WEIGHT LOSS.
Cooked foods provide little if any minerals and NO live enzymnes. Juice for Healthy WEIGHT LOSS Visit Shopping Page

Dr. Walker's book, Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices is the Number one JUICING book. Dr. Walker is the Father/ Creator of Vegetable Juicing. His books are easy to read and understand.

Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Juices,
Pure and Simple Natural Weight Control,
Diet & Salad Suggestions,
Natural Way to Vibrant Health,
Colon Health - Key to Vibrant Health,
Water Can Undermine Your Health,
Become Younger.

Dr. Norman Walker was born DeJan 28, 1867 and passed away in December 1985. Walker's information will transform your weight and health.

For Quick and Healthy Weight Loss, acquire Dr. Stuart's (ten hour)Audio program (115 page) Book Combo, Nutrition for Your Body Mind & Spirit

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