Dr. S. Susanne Stuart, PhD ND


In this section we shall share with you a healthy approach towards proper food combining. Indigestion, Ulcers, and Nausea are only a few symptoms of unhealthy food combining. Some symptoms neglect to rear their nefarious head until the problems become more severe. Particular foods must not be eaten with other foods to maintain a healthy homeostasis within your body. Thus food combining is one primary method to enhance and gain improved health.

Citrus Fruits and all Melons are an acid food outside the body. Once eaten and digestion begins, with chewing mixed with saliva, the citrus fruits or the melons become alkaline. Foods that alter their state with digestion must be eaten alone within their own grouping or left alone.
Citrus Fruits: grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines and ugli fruit.
Melons: bitter melon, canteloupe, casaba, honeydew and watermelon.

Animal Proteins and Starches are one of the most unhealthy food combinations. This mix is a primary reason for the abundance of Stomach and Abdominal pain soon following a meal. These two food groups are unable to blend together. Like oil and vinegar they constantly fight one another, eventually causing unlimited health discomfort including Heartburn.

Fruits and Vegetables are better digested when they remain within their own grouping. Remember that tomato and avocado are fruits not vegetables. An example is that you wouldn't mix carrots and raisins, or apples and carrots, or blend fruit and vegetable juices together.

Fruits, Fruits, Fruits. Yes, there are three categories of fruits and a portion of your health rests on combining the correct one's together. Incorrect fruit mixture will contribute to Indigestion, Stomach Ulcers, Diarrhea to name a few symptoms. There are Acid Fruits, Sub Acid Fruits and Sweet Fruits. Each category is most digestible within its' own grouping. On a less desirable level yet still considered a Fair food combination you could mix the Acid Fruits with the Sub Acid Fruits, or the Sub Acid Fruits with the Sweet Fruits.
Avocado is best eaten with Acid or Sub Acid Fruit or Green Vegetables.
Tomato may be eaten with non-starchy vegetables and protein.

An example of each category:
Acid Fruits: citrus fruits, pineapple, plums (sour), pomegranates, strawberries and sour fruits.
Sub Acid Fruits: apples, apricots, cherries, grapes, mangoes, papayas and pears.
Sweet Fruits: bananas, dates, figs, persimmons, prunes and raisins.

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